Tufic Nabak

''Spreading the Arabic Culture in the West”

Born in Lebanon in the town of Ras Baalbeck, Tufic Nabak has performed in the art scene since 1983. He began dancing at the age of ten in his country and has participated in various groups of Arab folk dances, in which he had great renowned professionals as teachers.

He settled in Brazil in 1990 and has become a reference in studies of Arabic dance in the country, keeping the roots of Arabic folklore from his home. He is dedicated to the study of its culture and has been leaving his mark in the world of Arabic Art through drama, dance and percussion.

In 1998, Tufic started his career in Brazil in the film ''Lavoura Arcaica”, directed by Luiz Fernando Carvalho, as a supporting actor as well as a language and Arab culture consultant. He also had the chance to dance the Dabke, an Arab tradition that became his specialty. In addition, as an actor he has had several roles in short films and has been in  magazine editorials, newspaper articles and television, including the famous Rede Globo soap opera ''O Clone”.

This renowned international professional dancer had developed a long journey of study and research in Arabic oriental dance and performing arts before founding the group Nabak. Their Cultural Office is located in the Syrian and Lebanese Club of Juiz de Fora. Since then, Tufic has taken part in several large traditional events throughout Brazil and has been part of jury committees among the greatest renowned artists of his country’s dance.

With a Bachelor of Tourism he founded the Arabic Cultural Centre Nabak, ''The Cradle of Arabic Dances in Juiz de Fora” recovering some of the traditions and customs of his land and representing a significant and traditional community in the city. In addition to producing and organizing events for the Arab culture he teaches Arabic language, gives lectures, workshops and reviews of dancers and professional folk dance courses at the Cultural Center and throughout Brazil.

After decades of dedication, Tufic has won several honors and awards and has performed for illustrious audiences, which ambassadors, consuls, among other personalities attended.

Nabak frequently conducts tours in Lebanon and Syria while researching, aiming to improve his studies and always bringing more news to the West.

As a result of his work, he was invited to participate in “Programa do Jô”, the most famous and respected talk show in Brazil. In addition to being interviewed by Jô Soares, the dancer performed Arabic folk dances after the interview.

In 2011, the Group Nabak obtained the recognition of the outreach work and preservation of Lebanese culture in Brazil from the Lebanon General Consulate in Rio de Janeiro. They were proud of such recognition which was another milestone in the Nabak Group’s ten year career.

In 2012, representing Brazil, Tufic Nabak was invited by the Lebanese dancer Amani to be among the Masters invited to ”Amani Eastern Festival”  in Beirut, Lebanon. The dancer performed at the gala show, gave a workshop and was part of the jury's body. In 2013, he celebrated his fifteen years of work in Brazil launching his book “Unforgettable Lebanon - A Journey in Lebanese Culture”.

In 2014, Tufic was invited by Rede Globo to be the instructor on the Arabic dance on the miniseries ''Dois Irmãos”, where he taught Dabke classes to the actors and also participated in the dance scenes. In 2015, the dancer showed his knowledge on the same TV channel to talk about the Arab culture in the program ''Encontro”,  hosted by Fátima Bernardes, and was on the cover of the São Paulo magazine “Oriente Encanto e Magia”.


Tufic Nabak

Arab International Professional Dancer

Specialized in the Arabic Folklore in Lebanon

Teacher and Choreographer

Cultural director of the Syrian and Lebanese Club in Juiz de Fora

Founder and Director of Nabak - the Arabic Cultural Centre

Accredited Professional with the Middle East 5 Stars Excellence

Instructor and translator of Arabic Language

Speaker and Arabic Culture Consultant

Producer and Cultural Event Planner

Researcher in Drama

Bachelor in Tourism

 ''The purpose of his work is to strive to make the dream of reliving a part of Arabic culture come true, since neither time nor distance were able to erase from his memory the customs and traditions of his home. ”


''Spreading the Arabic Culture in the West”

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